Tim’s GCSE Maths Classes

pic - Convex uniform polyhedra1Welcome to Tim’s GCSE Maths Classes. Here are some extra practice materials covering things we’ve done in class, and also some interesting recreational maths websites.

You can also find more self-teach topics under Tim’s Functional Maths Classes.

1. Books & Materials for Self-Study

Books – Click below for Amazon if you want to buy books for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics B Modular Foundation Tier.

Revision – BBC Bite Size is popular. The Revision Quiz is good: but it covers more topics and levels than we need for Foundation Tier, so just pick the things you need.

CIMT is a collection of online exercises (published by Plymouth University), to give you extra practice on topics such as handling indices, drawing graphs and so on. Click here, and then pick any of the topics you see:

GeoGebra is an excellent interactive drawing and graphing tool. It allows you to combine geometry and algebra together, to dynamically explore problems from many viewpoints. You can also analyse statistical data.

2. Some websites of general interest

Five Numbers – You can read here about Five Numbers , Another 5 Numbers , A Further 5 Numbers , and Five Shapes.These are really good 15 minute BBC radio programmes, broadcast in groups of five: short and interesting. Especially listen to A Further 5 Numbers about the history of the number 1. You can listen to any of them on BBC iPlayer:

Mathigon – Here is an excellent E-book called Mathigon, with lots of interesting stories and explanations about important topics in mathematics: both historical and modern. It is colourful and well illustrated with videos to help get the points across. There are sections on: symmetry & space (inc geometry and fractals); numbers & patterns; combinatorics & logic (inc proofs); probability and games; motion & matter.

3. Things we’re doing in class – Unit 1

4. Things we’re doing in class – Unit 2

5. Things we’re doing in class – Unit 3

6. Practice exam papers

Here are past papers for Maths Foundation level ModularB, up to the end of 2012.

Don’t forget the other practice materials in the sections above: especially BBC GCSE Bite Size and the Revision Quiz in Section 1.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

The last item (SAM =  Edexcel Sample Assessment Materials) has a paper for each unit and each level (F and H), plus mark scheme: it’s a big file so just print off the parts you need.

7. Things to do after the course

If you want to keep up your interest in maths, the excellent Plus online magazine is regularly updated with articles in all areas of maths and its applications in the real world: evolution, language, the environment, games, politics, sport, architecture, business, finance, art, agriculture.

If you think you would like to go on to further maths study, then you could test the water by looking at the videos and self-teach lessons on the Exams Solutions website.


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