Tim’s Functional Maths Classes (L1, L2)

DOY 100 years 220910Welcome to Tim’s Functional Maths Classes. Sections 1 to 5 have short, self-teach lessons for you to do on-line. Find the section for the topic and the level you want, and then click on the lesson you want. The levels are EntryLevel (E1, E2, E3), then Level1 (L1), then Level2 (L2).

I think the best lessons come from Move On Hot Topics (marked MOHT). These take about half an hour, but you can go at your own speed, or come back to it later. In the MOHT lessons, click the MoveOn button on the bottom-right to go to the next screen.

There are other collections such as Read Write Plus (marked RWP) and National Learning Network (marked NLN) . The RWP items are very short: just 10 minutes, with a clear explanation and a few questions. For NLN you have a few sections to work through in turn: eg a Tutorial, then some Practice, and then an Assessment.

Section 6 and Section 7 have links to other websites for studying maths, such as BBC Skillswise and National Numeracy Challenge. Section 8 and Section 9 have revision notes and practice exam papers to help you prepare for an exam.

1. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Times Tables
To get quicker at times tables, use this trainer for 5 minutes, one or two times a day. Select the tables you want to practice: eg 1×1 to 5×5 or 6×6 to 9×9. Then just answer the questions as they come up. You’ll get corrected on the ones you get wrong, so you can type in the right answer; and you’ll be re-tested on those ones later on. You can quit early by clicking Multiply, or another option; or you can change the timing settings.

2. Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

3. Money & Time

Levels 1&2

4. Weights & Measures – Metric & Decimals

Level 1
Level 2

5. Tables, Charts & Graphs

6. Some good maths websites

BBC Skillswise covers a good range of topics, with videos, quizzes, info & worksheets, and games – good for gaining confidence, and plugging gaps in your knowledge. Maths4Us looks at some very practical maths topics: finance, food information, time, and helping children with maths. National Numeracy Challenge starts with a short test to find your level, and then gives you key topics to work through in small chunks (drawn from other good websites); you then move up to the next level.

Maths Everywhere provides Everyday Tools for working out practical problems such as splitting a bill and converting currencies; How To Work It Out videos so you can learn the calculation methods for yourself, and Have A Go tests so you can practise these methods. You can also download it as an app.

These websites allow you to explore topics in more depth. Citizen Maths covers some key topics at level2: proportion, probability and data. BBC Bitesize is a schools website.

Key Skills Trainer provides mini-lessons and test questions on lots of specific topics, so you can focus on particular skills at level1 or level2.

7. Some websites of general interest

More or Less is a really good programme on Radio4, with topical articles of mathematical interest: eg social and economic trends and statistics, medical services, financial services, sport, misleading news items and exposed myths. The articles are in-depth but quite short. You can find articles and previous programmes on this link:

Unfortunately these YouTube comic videos are blocked for the moment.

8. Revision notes and other info

Here are some good revision notes to help you look back over your work.

9. Practice exam papers

Here are some Functional Maths practice exam papers which you can print, together with the answer sheets (ie mark schemes).


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