Here are some lessons for Tim’s ESOL and Maths students. There’s a big mix of stuff for all levels. You can do them at home or in class. You don’t need a username or password. Click on one of these to choose your class:

Some things on this website use Flash Player, so you can’t use them on a tablet or a phone.

ESOL classes have the following levels; I often use the abbreviations E1, E2, E3, L1, L2.

  • Pre-entry Level      = Beginner
  • Entry Level1  (E1)  = Elementary or CEFR A1
  • Entry Level2  (E2)  = Pre-intermediate or CEFR A2
  • Entry Level3  (E3)  = Intermediate or CEFR B1
  • Level1  (L1)            = Upper Intermediate or CEFR B2
  • Level2  (L2)            = Advanced or CEFR C1